Our Mission

The Burkardt Consulting Center is a transdisciplinary organization that as its primary purpose provides necessary statistical support for research and publication to faculty and students at Northern Kentucky University.  Our faculty and students work directly with those in other disciplines to aid them in producing quality scholarly work for publication.  The Center is capable of serving virtually any NKU faculty and/or students who collect sample data from which they want to draw population level inference.  In addition, we also serve individuals and businesses within the Northern Kentucky region and we are equipped to provide assistance with mathematical modeling projects as the need arises. 

Who We Serve

Our recent clients have included faculty and students from Biology, Business, Chase College of Law, CINSAM, Informatics, Kentucky Center for Mathematics, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work, and Steely Library, among others.  We have also prepared statistical reports for members of regional entities such as Boone County Schools, Great Parks of Hamilton County, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Gateway Community College, and the Cincinnati Art Museum.

What We Do

We can help you with almost any aspect of a research study that will involve statistics.  This includes:

  • Assistance to formulate research questions
  • Planning of sampling frame and data collection
  • Basic data management using SAS
  • Advice on statistical methods and software
  • Data analysis and/or explanation of analysis results
  • Assistance in writing up results and/or prepping a presentation

We are also available to present seminars to groups of faculty/students on various statistical topics.  And if you have a project involving mathematical modelling, we can help connect you to faculty and/or students within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics who might assist with that.

Our Fee Structure

An initial one-hour consultation to discuss your project is offered at no charge.  If your project is found to be within the scope of BCC activities, then additional meetings or analyses that can be completed in two hours or less are offered at no charge.

The fee for services (over and above the initial three hours) is $40 per hour. An estimate of the time required can be provided following the initial meeting and updated at various points throughout our work on your project.

Most of the time NKU students will not be assessed a fee because their projects are typically smaller in scale. However, a student is not exempt from the consulting fee if their project is exceptionally intricate or time consuming.

Note:  On the rare occasion we enter data, there is no discount for that activity.

Request An Initial Consultation

To request an initial consultation, please fill out our project request form found here:


In order to help us best serve you, please include as much information as you can when completing the form.  Once we receive your completed form and determine that the project is within the scope of the center, we will contact you by email to arrange an initial meeting.  If you have any problems or questions please also feel free to call us at (859) 572-1325 or send us an email at bcc@nku.edu.

Contact Us:

Phone: (859) 572-1325
Fax: (859) 572-6097
E-mail: bcc@nku.edu
Office: MP463